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Celebrate Rainy Days

July 4, 2017
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Monsoon means the wet clay smell of rain water, the kadam flower, the spots in the jhal-bills, the oyothi water to be made in the horizontal ground, the rhythm with rain shimmering in tin rice. The arrival of the rainy season in the city’s skyline does not look like this. The rainy season in the city means the rainy season, the water accumulated on the streets, and the stagnant public life in the traffic jam. Even though these rainy days are there, the urban people still feel the humidity of the rainy season but in the waterways of the rainy season.

rainy day

Wandering in the rainy weather in rickshaws, changing the color of clothing with the season of season, now it has become fashion trend. It is felt like wearing clothes on the rittoake There was a time when raincoat was meant to mean blue color. As well as blue, green, orange and gray colors can also be seen in costumes. Countryal Designer, Israt Jahan, chose the colors of nature. It is said that nature is different in different seasons. Like rainy gray clouds, dark green leaves in the rain, wet wet soil, everything is in the new color effect. As well as blue, these colors are also given to the costumes.

In the open or tied hair, the flower clogs may appear out of the mouth, the middle of the jump is the jhumunda. So it is better to skip cotton cloth this time. It is better to wear garment or shafen during this time. These are dried in water, but dry quickly.

Without the bribe, the rain! Model: Shoes like Imran and Liwan dresses also need to be waterproof. In this case, the use of synthetic material shoes was suggested, Deputy Commissioner of Apex Merchandising Division Maksuda Kader. Can wear rubber or PVC material shoes. These shoes are not easily washed in the rain, and they dry quickly.

Gazetted sari decreases in rainy season. Sari: Dream Life
The rainy season spreading over the whole city, the rainy season spreading over the entire city, the rainy season, belly and kadam flowers spread across the city. Tanjima Sharmin said, “At this time a flower can be attached to the hair. Open hair or tied-any rosary flower will bring flowers.

kodom full

Even if you can arrange a rainbow in the corner of the house as well as the rainbow, then what is bad? There is very little chance of having rain in the crowded flatbazar in the city. The orthodoxist Gulshan Nasrin Chowdhury said that if a rainstorm or a book can be read by the window of her home; If you can arrange hot coffee with jhalmuri, then there is no word. Put two chairs in front of the porch or window. In front of a small table you can put some flowers in clay containers. The trees grow very well during this time. For this, spread the windows, sprouting trees. Wind can hang on the side of the east wind. When it is raining, then rainy weather will bring home the sound of wind chim in the air.

Monsoon and khichuri is another complementary one. A picnic is enough to save monsoon in life. The funny story about how to eat khukururi cottage artist Sitara Firdaus During the rainy season, rivers, streams and floods filled the rural areas of Bangladesh. The water is to build the house. At that time the cooking work was done with wood. Cooking was very difficult when it was wet with rain and river water. For cooking so quickly, rice-pulse-vegetables-all were mixed together to the stove. Khichuri would be made That puddle has been added as a rainforest in urban culture.

All colors of blue as well as bright colors also look good. Sari: Other celebrations, belly flowers, khichuri and Ravi Thakur songs in urban areas – rainforest with these. Suddenly, there was a black cloud on the sky, the mind was not trying to obstruct and the boundary wall of the four walls. But wondering whether or not you will be lost in nature. Though not found in the city of Dhaka, many known places have been found to be unique in this time. It is a feeling of a heavenly feeling to be taken for some time by the formation of Ramna, TSC or Suhrawardy Udyan in the rainy season.

Shedabanga Agriculture University of Dhaka can also be found in the villages. If you go there with permission, then you will see the mud-clay rocks, the grass on the chest, and the flowers of rainy season on the trees will tell you in this town.

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