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Amir is the ‘King of Khan’!

July 12, 2017
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Three Khan, Shahrukh, Salman and Amir are called Bollywood’s ‘Money Back’ actors. Box office has been governing three ‘Khan’ for three decades. In the picture of these three heroes named ‘Khan’, the storm hits the box office. The fans of three khan-fans argue between the three, who is the best? There are many controversies about this. Media is also regularly published in the report.

amir salman shahrukh

‘Mr Perfectionist’ hit Aamir Khan’s latest film ‘Dangal’ blockbuster hit. This picture proves that the ‘King’ or ‘King’ is currently being played in three kins of Aamir Khan. In view of the audience, taking pictures, considering brand image, hard work and marketing talent, the middle of the three mother’s middle Amir Khan has said that the King has crowned the crown.

Hindi superstar Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan started the journey in the mid-1990’s Rupali screen. Since then, it is known as ‘Khans of Bollywood’. Money meant that the money was behind them, Ushul, Marma cutcut business. So if they could take three of them in the film, many directors would be happy. But the time has changed a lot now. One day between three khan is going ahead of the other two.

Amir Khan’s latest movie ‘Dangl’ is breaking the record. There, in four years, a movie of Sallu flopped. And at this time there was no big hit of any of Shah Rukh’s films. So, the crown of ‘King Khan’ is emerging from Amir.

Film critic Ramesh Bala said, three of his age are 52 years old. The middle Amir of these three Khan is ahead of others. Shahrukh Khan is falling behind day by day.

‘Dangal’ was released in December last year. After the release, many of the box office records of Indian films were broken. The movie earns more than any other Indian movie. This movie, earning around Rs. 1,800 crore (up to June 2017) worldwide, is based on a true story of Father’s wishes.

‘PK’ star Amir Khan wrestling coach Mahabir Singh played the role of Fogat. He trained his daughter Geeta and Babita Fogat to become champion wrestler. The story of ‘Dangal’ is not imagined, but rather from life. Mahavir Fogat, son of the notorious Balali village of Haryana state of India Mahavira wrestler. Wrestling champions at the national level. But he could not win a medal from the international event. Because, he could not go to any international event. The job was to enter. The imperfect person can fulfill his daughters! Man, which he could not do, as a girl, in the girls’ wrestling can do it, Gita and Babita! His pursuit begins Gita won the women’s wrestling in the 55 kg category at the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Second daughter Babita is also champion in the national level. Mahabir’s dream is worthwhile. The end of the movie is through the eyes. For the role of Mahabir Fogat, he had to increase the weight of 20 kilos. Wrestling was about to learn. After the release of the picture, the work is worthwhile.

Actor Aamir Khan, who was released in 2014, ‘PK’ is widely seen as a celebrity. Comedy-style science fiction film has become one of Bollywood’s most successful films. This is the religious prejudice that India has shown in this film. In 2009, ‘Three Idiots’ Super Duper Hit.

Aamir Khan took pictures with thoughts and views of the audience. Indian film distributor Akshay Rathi said, “Aamir Khan is a person who thinks and tries to select relevant films for Indian viewers. There are very few actors, who actually do such things. ‘

Rathi said, every two years Aamir was released in one movie. On the other hand, Salman and Shahrukh each of the two movies are released every year.
Explaining why Amir was ahead, Rathi said, “Aamir Khan has been consistent for a long time. He does not act in many movies like Shahrukh or Salman. ‘

Salman’s photos are released every Eid for several years. Salman’s picture, which was released on Eid holidays, is a blockbuster hit. But the ‘Tubblight’ released on the last Eid was flopped.

Film critic Ramesh Bala said, in the recent year (‘Rais’, ‘Happy New Year’ Flop), except for the ‘Chennai Express’ released in 2013 Shahrukh Khan has no big hits. Because of the romance, action and drama that is not full of six characters in the film, the pictures of Bollywood King Shahrukh are falling in the box office.

Rathi says, “People believe that when Aamir is in a film, something new will happen, something different.

Rothi said that the record in China’s market was broken by the ‘wartime income’. Amir worked hard to create his brand image. As a result, he became the star of India.
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