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Do not Eat Any Protein, Know Which Type You Need

July 12, 2017
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It is difficult to walk without fish, meat, eggs and thick pulses. Many others are excluding the diet without considering the protein. There are several types of problems being created. Protein can be divided into two parts. Simply put, one type of protein, which we get from animals, is called first-class protein, and the proteins we get from the plant are called second-class proteins.

Chief Nutrition Supervisor Shamsunnahar Nahid of Dhaka said, “Whatever the means of taking fish, meat, eggs or pulses, remember that the quantity of protein for humans is determined by its age, weight, work. See the type. In that case, the protein can not be taken as desired. Protein can not be removed again. We usually ask to take the first class protein. In that case it is better to eat the egg white. Fishes and meat in the fish will reduce the risk of various types of diseases as well as meet the needs of protein. To eat meat, white meat should be eaten. Avoid as much red meat as possible, then bring better results later. To eat meat, you must eat fat and then eat it.


Feeding proteins will be eaten as much as possible. Photo: Nowadays
This is the people who eat fish and meat. But those who do not like to eat fish or are vegetarian due to various reasons, what will happen to them? Responding to this question, Shamsunnahar Nahid said, there are pulses or pulses-like foods such as gram, kidney bean and almonds are also protein. But it is a second class protein. Keep in mind that not all needs of the body in one type of branches will be met. In that case, some varieties of pulses will be cooked together. In this case, different kinds of components can be found from different types of pulses. It is important to eat nuts, pears, milk, and soya.

Soy Milk is good for people with heart diseases. Many people cook milk with less energy to avoid milk fat. In that case milk is not a low fuel solution, but milk should be provided properly. However, if you want to eat non-branded milk in the home’s milk or market, it will have to drink half a cup of milk with cold water and leave it to cool. Soy Milk can also eat. However, people suffering from kidney disease should eat a little less. If you take plant-protein proteins, you should keep in mind that it can not be eaten as much as you like. Do not let it happen again. One bowl of thin pulses, but never a bowl of solid bowl will work. However, you can take a little more protein, which is given to the advice of young people of pregnancy, pregnant mother or doctor.
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