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Saree in a Rainy Day: Fashion Trend

July 12, 2017
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What is the smell of the first kadam flower of rainy day? I know, it’s not about expressing in languages. When the rainy season passes through the days of sunshine, when the rain comes with a cool obsession, that good can not be expressed in nature. They want to be prepared for the new form of nature. When you decorate the mind, when you tidy yourself like nature.

Agreed with the above words, Housewife Nazifa Hasan Winter, summer, monsoon, whatever the season, its choice of time and the beauty of the time is his choice. Go out One of the events. At this time, very expensive or gorgeous costumes can be washed in the rain suddenly. So think very carefully what to wear in a dress. Nazifa Hasan said, “Whenever any event happens, sarai is most of the time. It is good to wear the jargate sari in rainy days.

Clothing shop Jyoti’s senior seller Arif Ahmed said that, during the rainy season, buyers are buying jewelery for more than just jewelery. Because, in rainy weather, the garjet cloth quickly dry and there is no stain in the cloth, which can be in another sarees. He said, ‘The jargate does not have any scratches in the sari (known as sesame or sesame), so that the use of such sarees is more in the rainy days.’
Two types of designs are given in the same sarees. Saraj: Persona, sari: Ray-Lu-she


Press Institute of Bangladesh (PIB) Associate Professor Kamrun Nahar’s favorite clothing sari. Sarees wear almost every day at work. Even when traveling or at any event. Asked what is wearing on the rainy day, he said, ‘those cotton saris are very soft, and soon they are dry. But more than that, in the Gazette It’s good to wear a gorgette on rainy days. ‘Reshmi, that means silk sapphires are comfortable in the rainy days. However, the silk will dry soon, but the mud spray or dirt water will not rise in any way, said Sapura Silk’s senior seller Md. Selim Reza Arif Ahmed, on the other hand, said that some of the silks which are synthetic or inferior can be spotted. But if the pure silk will not stain. Do not even dry.


Fancy jarzet sari in invitation also
In the rainy season, the shawn prints blouse is worn with the jargate sarees. Half sleeve or sleeve blouse design will be good with this season if the floral motif is made. It is said that the owner of Fashion House Dresidel Maya Mayhem. He said, now is the goal or boat collar blouse. The monochromatic blouse can also be worn with sarees. Popular floral print in the rainy season of the rainy season. The bright colored sari will be more adorned in the rainy day. Georgette sarees are not particularly cared for.

Apart from the floral design, the design of the designer Geetanjit Sarees has come from the market-the dream life designer Tamanna Chowdhury. He said, ‘Now there will be a digital print sari. Geometric design outside flower or 3D print of human image can be found in the market. Acariola blouse with these sarees will admit more. Petikot clothes will be comfortable if cashmere. He advised not to wear monochrome sari in this rainy season. Because, if a little spots in some way may look bad to see saris.

Any sarees in the capital are available in various colors, different types of dung and various prices of jarget sarees. Similar to all vendors, the garnet sarees are the most suitable during the rainy season. Arif Ahad said that the garment of weightlaces, pear, crepe, micro, shafan etc are available in the market in the market.

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