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Why do I Pick the Selfi?

July 12, 2017
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Selfi Stick has done a lot of work while taking some self-help.
A gentleman went to the house to marry. There, a friend’s sister suddenly said to her wife, ‘I think, brother who makes so much selves with women, do not you say anything?’

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The gentleman’s wife laughs, and says she is not on Facebook. The friend’s sister says that, because of that, so many selfies. At the end of the invitation, the friend’s sister wants to take a cellphone with the gentleman. He also lifted his hand.

There is a good selfi in the illuminated place
The fact is true. More from the gentleman, he told a friend of him that you do not say anything about the matching matching Selfi Facebook? Finally it feels good but

There is good understanding between that gentleman and his wife. The woman with whom they go to the cellar, the wives know them. As a result, peace is maintained. Otherwise the house was never started!

Why are we really talking about selfie? The definition of selfie in the Oxford Dictionary is that it is a picture where self-images are usually taken with a smartphone or webcam and given in social media. Under the definition, sometimes it is okay to say, but it is not ok to publish selphi every day.

Selfi is one of the easiest ways to get started in this era. Self-love or narcissism in humans, or self-centeredness – are also the reason for self-promotion. There is no way to deny.

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Take a look at the face while lifting the selfie
Robert Cornelius In 1839, the self-creation of the camera that raised a fresh self-life, is no longer stuck in one’s own film. Most of the group selfei is seen on Facebook. Here ‘self’ means one more group of people, sometimes a big party. Between 10-12 to 16-20 or more, the team can also be seen together in Selfi. If you want to take Self with so many people in one hand, not everyone is available in the frames, the solution also goes out – Selfi Stick. The point is, celebration. In this age of Facebook, Instagram is part of celebrating Selfie.

As Salafira is the medium of debut, is not the self propaganda? There are various types of self-motivation. Experienced in the experience – I am fine, I’m happy, enjoying life, to tell it like selfe are important; Likewise, I have an identity with important or popular people, it can also be highlighted in Selfi. Due to this selfie due to the famous people of the star, ‘Not the autograph, this is the era of photographs’ – fans are so favorites, seeing the favorite person, go ahead. The camera is no longer a matter. Hold the smartphone at the side of the star and click! What else the star will do, the smiling face of the devotee stands in the face.

A few days ago, there were some Selfi who were involved in the rape incident in Banani with a number of stars. After such incident, it does not take time to spread such pictures. The star or the famous person does not have to do anything except embarrassment.

The history of self-lifting is very old. One of the first moonwalkers, Buzz Aldrin took his picture in space in 1966. Nevertheless, there was no such discussion in the era since the era. Cellphones became popular due to the popularity of smartphones and social media. Since 2010, this trend is upwards. In the 2013 Oxford dictionary, the word selife entered. Smart phones also come in front of the camera, self-cleaning special phones are also available. There is a special app-filter for cellphones so beautiful. As a result, one continuous trend of the triumph of Selfi. Head of state, leader of the world, and people from all over the world.

The faces of both of them are in the frame of the well
What is the look of his face in Selfi, the idea is more or less in everyone. The children are both sides. Among the girls, especially among young people, there is also a foot face, a call from a cell phone, and a cellphone. ‘Holding the camera up, I feel fat’ – It is often heard that when the self-lifting was taken. That’s the real thing to show yourself how to look beautiful.

There is an immediate thing in the cellphone. Keeping the moment, the only way to publish it in Facebook or Instagram, it’s a lot we want to take. Maybe someone went to visit or eat with friends. Or with the family Posting up the cellphone with the main accompanying trip or eating. Maybe others are late for doing this, but there is a joy like instant or live broadcast. After making a picture, after seeing a few minutes of ‘Opening Facebook’, ‘How Many Like’ is a practice. Because of having enough friends on Facebook, every day, from my own experience for the Facebook basehouse, I can understand that any type of cellphone gets more likes. It also matches with multiple websites. Like most of the kind of cellphones you get. Salafis born with children or family are in the publicity. Sapphies taken with pet animals get more. But in our country this trend is less. Likes to like in the travel movie. If he travels with the family, then like to grow, he likes to grow. Whoever is popular on Facebook, if you are in your friend’s room, then take a cellphone with him and tag him and if he liked the flood of like. Sleepless very tidy sarposhake more likes like that. There is also a lot of accounting for getting more likes without buying. It’s a matter of when the picture is posted. At the beginning of Facebook I would see, after 10pm, active friends are falling. Now it’s the opposite. The night is as deep as Facebook, soaragaram

As the picture speaks, Selfi talks like that; Rather than say a little more. 6 people’s selfies of a group of friends
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