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Oh Rain

July 13, 2017
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Ashar came again. There is a lot of showers falling all day. Well, it comes to monastery in Cinepara, how is it shooting? Rain is a blessing for anyone? Curse for anyone? There are many events in the rainy season! Let’s know some of them in the rain to eat the nut and smoke-teasing tea in the rain.


A rainy day in Bengali movie reminds many memories. The wave of Satyajit Ray’s pathpawaliradurga-Apur, the rain of Vipas still makes many memories of childhood fresh. Again, Anna Ghosh’s dance with Runa Laila, ‘This Rainwaza Night Do not Go’, is an example of an ideal rain show in Rangchung of traditional dhuliude trend. Various forms of rain were shown in our films in different colors. It is sometimes seen that in the film, there is a rain shower scene, which does not always accompany the film, only meets the hunger of the eye. Once again, a rain show is uniquely identical with the story of the picture!


Rainfall can be separated from the pictures of Humayun Ahmed? His audition day, two days, and my pictures on the rainy scenes in the pictures of Nishashovan. The mind is filled up. Nor does Jahidur Rahim Anjhen’s Meghmalla show rainy aesthetic use in the picture. Khizir Hayat Khan’s Jago movie also got wet in the rain. There are many other such films that have rain, monsoon, and this is the kind of season that our directors have made in the film.

Poor rain, just chat

A couple of weeks ago After seeing the condition of the sky, the director decided to set the date of shooting for the movie hollywood. Place Cox’s Bazar The two main actors Ferdous and Moushumi went to Cox’s Bazar on the plane from Dhaka. There will be pictures of the song and some scenes shooting. After that the camera of this movie will be closed – said the seasonal Mousumi. The director took two days’ schedule from the hero and heroine. So, in the meantime, the job must be done in the end. Keep the return ticket for the aircraft.


It was not possible to shoot for the scheduled two days. There was a rainy rain. They have spent time sitting in the hotel and chatting with them. On the day when he returned to Dhaka, the director decided to shoot the sky with the permission of the hero-heroine.

Thinking about the director, the hero and hero also agreed to continue the work. But at the end of the whole shooting could not finish, but the scene of the two scenes and songs of the song were returned to Dhaka.

When the rain is blessed

On that day, rain was a blessing for Ferdous, but there was a blessing in the beginning. At the end of the sudden film director Bashu Chatterjee did not want artificial rain. Ferdous said, “I have been shooting in the street of Galiyahat in Kolkata. At the end of the movie, Priyanka was waiting for three days for the actual rain in the scene to meet me. Two days of shooting indoors part of the shooting. And one day I could not do any work, I just waited for rain. Then the rain is also helpful for us. We could do the job as we wanted.

Due to rain in the rain

During the shooting of Boshigiri film, due to the rain, due to rain, the director Shamim Ahmed Rony was to have great danger. It took two days to capture a fight for a general movie. There was an obstacle in the boss Giri movie that there was a six-day delay to finish the fight. The actor said, “We were shooting at Bashundhara’s three hundred feet. Fight scene When the rain started, sit in the car and ran. I used to come home for a long time due to rain. After the rain stopped coming out of the house and going to the spot, Jhumpa was started. It may seem like a coincidence, but it has happened in that time of shooting the scene of the fight. Because of this, two days of work ended in six days.

During the shooting of this time, the heroine of the country, Bubblo Boshiri, the movie was rained down. “We had to shoot in the rainy season during the rainy season. When the sun was raining in the rain, I used to shoot. Suddenly there is a jum rain in the coldest sunshade. When there is a drag, then wait for stop. As we used to shoot in the rain, so mentally we are ready. But as far as it seemed, production costs increased so much.

Jhum rain in the rain below

Arifin Shuve and Nusrat Faria went to Bandarban’s ‘Pick Six Nine’ during the mid-year’s shooting of Premioprima. The entire work of the set was completed a week before the shooting spot. Dropped rain On the starting day of the shooting, the entire set was lindwand in a heavy rain. They could not make the shooting like that day. According to Arifin Shuvo, there is a loss of around Tk 10 lakh.

The next day the weather was not very favorable. Remembering that day, Shuvo said, ‘I saw a sudden fog in the morning. We are sitting from eight in the morning. Cameraman was sent to the location. He said in the verdict, ‘I can not see myself in the fog. What’s the shooting? I waited till eight in the morning. After the fog was cut, a beautiful scene was captured. Then it starts with Jhoom rain, with wind. We kept the tripphere where we were. The wind and the rain were so much that the tripping of the tripartite. We all stayed on Tripoli with the shooting.

This is what happened to Arifin Shuvo on the subject discussed in mind. The director of the whole unit went to Sylhet’s Jaflong to shoot the movie titled ‘Touching Man’. The rain started to stop there. There was no arrangement around. So, the rain stopped, and the rest was in the car with the shot, said Shuvo.

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