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Rumors have Increased by 31% in a Month, the Price of Keya Cosmetics

July 13, 2017
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Keya Cosmetics, a subsidiary of Keya Group, listed in the stock, rose by 31 percent or 4 rupees by 30 paise a month. On June 13, the share price of the company was 13 Taka 90 paisa. At the end of the day, it increased to 18 rupees 20 paisa.


On Monday, the list of the top 100 loan defaulters of the country released by finance minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith on Monday was the name of Kayya Ierna, another associate of Keya Group owned by businessman Abdul Khalek. One company from the same group came from the top of the playoffs on the one hand, while on the other side the discussion was due to the leverage of the shares of another company in the stock market.

At the end of the transaction, Keya Cosmetics was at the top of the country’s main stock exchange Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) transaction. Today, the company’s turnover of around 75 crore shares is changed.

There is a rumor about the company around the company. These rumors are that the company is investing in a new company with a multinational company. Others say that the company has taken an initiative to acquire another company in the Cosmetic sector. Based on these rumors, the price of the company’s shares has been rising for a while.

The stock dividend is unusual for the stock exchange company. Due to this, the unexplained price sensitive data behind the unpredictability of whether or not there is a letter asking the company authorities to give the stock exchange authority. In response, the company told the shareholders yesterday that prices may increase – the company has no unpredictable price sensitive information so far.

When contacted, Kya Group Chairman and Managing Director Abdul Khalek Pathan said, “I have no information to say so far.” If there is a company, then all owners have different ideas about it. They are never implemented, never. And, if any important decision, it will be communicated through the company on behalf of the company. ”

But Abdul Khalek Pathan said that the initiative to increase the production by importing new equipment worth Tk 150 crore is in the final phase of the implementation. Already the machinery has been set up in the factory, the production has increased slightly.

Meanwhile, some price corrections on Wednesday in the stock market yesterday. As a result, the index decreased and the transaction decreased with immediate effect. The main index of the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE), the main index, DSEX, was down 40 points at the end of the day, with some 5, 791 points. On Tuesday, the index was at the highest position of 5,831 points.

Merchant Bank IDLC Investments yesterday said that due to the tendency of withdrawing the profit of one-class investor, some price correction has been corrected in the market.

In the Dhaka market, the transaction has fallen by 407 crores or 31 percent over the previous day to 914 crores. According to IDLC, the textile sector was dominated by trading in yesterday’s market. 19 percent of the total transaction of DSE was in the possession of this sector.

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