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BRAC is Taking Women’s Management Trainee

July 14, 2017
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In order to increase the involvement of women in the workplace and to develop skilled women’s empowerment, BRAC has been appointing women management trainee for the first time in its management training program. The job declaration was published on July 7 in job vacancies.

BRAC Assistant General Manager, HR, Aishwarya Khisa said, “Every time we appoint a batch of women and men in the management trainees, this is the first time that we are appointing women only for the first time.” In this case, we now have 25 targets for this post, but if we find a better and more qualified person, then we also have difficulty in hiring additional than target. The application process has already begun, BRAC’s management trainee can be applied to the post till July 21, 2017.

Application eligibility

In order to apply for the post of Management Trainee, the applicant must have a post-graduate degree from any recognized university. In this case, the applicant’s CGPA should be at least 3.0 or first class. As well as educational qualifications, applicants must have one-year experience in relevant sectors. In addition to the educational qualifications and experience, the applicant must be skilled in working with efficient, leadership, expertise and coordination in communication.

The application process

To apply for the post of BRAC Management Trainee, the applicant should apply online by sending CV online. Applicants for online application should send resume@brac.net to their address via e-mail. Must specify the name of the post in the contents of the e-mail content.

Salary and other benefits

Monthly salary of 35 thousand rupees will be given to those who are appointed as Management Trainees monthly. Besides regular pay, you will also enjoy festival bonuses, provident funds, gratuity, health and life insurance. After the first one year’s expiration, the management will be appointed as the Regional Manager on the basis of skill and merit, and accordingly, salary and allowances will be increased.

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