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Controversy in Rajbari district BNP: The New Committee Rejected a Section

July 14, 2017
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Three days after the announcement of the BNP’s full-fledged committee, a press conference was held in the district and a committee was formed. The press conference was held at the BNP’s BNP office on Thursday at around 11:30 pm on Thursday.
In the press conference read out the written statement of the senior vice-president of the committee Rokon Uddin Chowdhury. Vice President and Dr. Abul Hossain College Principal ABM Manjurul Alam and joint secretary MA Majid At that time, Vice President Asaduzzaman Lal, Afsar Ali Sardar and others were present. A statement signed by Senior Vice President Rokan Uddin was given at the conference. They are the leaders and workers of the party’s presidential party.
Wrote written, said. Abdul Huq has been made the Health and Family Planning Affairs Secretary in the committee. But he took part in the previous municipal elections as Awami League candidate. Lawyer Kamrul Alam joined the Awami League before the December 30, 2015 election. But he has been made vice president. Khairuzzaman Khairul has been made the co-campaign secretary of the committee. The accused accused in the murder case of Khairul Juba Dal’s former president Shamsul Alam Bablu. Joint Secretary KA Bari is associated with the politics of the Awami League. Besides Aslam Mia, Lutfar Rahman has been made Vice President and Abdus Salam Mia was made the first joint secretary. But they do not participate in party activities.
After the press conference, new committee lists were burnt in front of the office. At this time, the ‘illegal committee will not believe in humanity, the committee should immediately be canceled, the soldiers of Shahid Zia do not mean this committee, why the Awami League leader is in the committee? There is no slogan for money or humanity.
Rokon Uddin Chowdhury said, “One third of the committee was supposed to be female member, but it was not accepted. This committee has been undemocratic without the council. Besides, the people involved in the politics of Awami League have been given a place in the committee. That is why we do not accept this committee. ”
Vice-president Aslam Mia said, “I was accused in the nomination of the party from the party as the opposition leaders and workers brought false allegations against me. The vice-president did not do any of the contributions I made in the team. This allegation was made by a group of people and prompting. Apart from this, a press conference has been organized to streamline the attack on the party’s office secretary in different areas.
President Ali Newaz Mahmud Khayyam said that the party’s reaction to angry leaders and workers. But it is true that some activists of the Awami League, the names of the accused in the murder case of the Jubo Dal leader, and some of the leaders of the inactive party have come to the notice of the party. In addition, many active and respected leaders were not properly evaluated. He drew attention to the attention of the leaders of the center.
On Monday, Ali Newaz Mahmud Khayyam was made the president and Harun Or Rashid was made a full-fledged committee of 151 members by general secretary. On the night of the announcement of the committee, the newly formed committee’s office secretary Khandaker Nurul Newaj was hacked to death. Nurul Newaz is the general secretary.
In the first light on Thursday in the light of the wounded, the report was published in the head ‘Rajbari BNP senior leader was injured, detained 1’.

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