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Prevention of Chikungunya: Social Media to Raise Awareness

July 14, 2017
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There is only one way to eradicate chikungunya or malaria or dengue disease. We need to identify those viruses which are responsible for these diseases. After identifying the carrier of these viruses, we should try to eliminate spreading of these dangerous viruses. Mosquitoes are one of the significant carriers of these harmful viruses. The wiser always think about root. So we also should go to the root of the source of the Dengue fever. The means we need to identify carefully which factors are responsible for Dengue fever. To eliminate some of these viruses, we need to eliminate the number of harmful mosquitoes. For example, if you want to get rid of the dangerous disease Dengue, we need to eliminate the number of Aedes mosquito. Because Aedes mosquito is the primary carrier of Dengue fever. At the middle and end of 2017, another relevant fever called chikungunya was an important topic to take into consideration. Though it’s almost impossible to kill all the mosquitoes, we can try to reduce the evolution and decrease the birth rate of the mosquitoes especially Aedes mosquito.

In this year, we got much undesirable news of death due to malaria or dengue or chikungunya disease. The light that came out on Monday was the first light in the name of Ross + Light, there was a cover story, ‘Honorable mayor, let’s kill mosquitoes.’ I wrote the prose cartoon. Imagine, Aedes mosquito is the dangerous factor of a dangerous virus which makes us worried about Chikungunya. Because the virus is in their blood. Because of this virus, they are forced to listen to various types of condemnation. Because, in Chikungunya, people die less, due to pneumonia from Chikungunya, a small number of people died in this country. But in the first light I saw the news, one victim said, my enemy, is not even chikungunya. Such pain! Chikungunya fever is cured, but the pain does not improve. People in the house are being attacked in Chikungunya. Multiple patients in the same house. Everyone has been in some house.

Ruhul Abid, a researcher at the Brown University of America, researcher. Do research on the heart. I went to their laboratory. She started her health care at the beginning of her life in the tea garden, tea-laborers and got great results. Now he came to Bangladesh to create a network of garment workers and rickshaw workers for health care. Recently came to the family. For 15 days, both husband and wife read in Chikungunya. Before going, you said, you have no preparation, there is no reaction, there is no operation to kill mosquitoes, there is no initiative to prevent them. No wonder there is no surprise in the media. I used to hear such a thing. Media is responsible for all the problems of Bangladesh, the traditional term is ‘Media’. Chikungunya in Bangladesh is the creation of the media. The media is responsible for the fact that chikungunya is not enough in Bangladesh.


On the news of a television channel, in the city of Dhaka, 40 to 60 percent of the houses found in the Aedes mosquito bacteria
Has gone. If 20 percent is available then it is the epidemic. We have 40 to 60 percent. So, by definition, it is epidemic. But our ministers-bureaucrats say it is not an epidemic. Media is spreading panic for no reason.

But The person who is suffering from chikungunya, we can comfort him, you can be sure that it is not epidemic. Eat two paracetamol and once you have gone to sleep once again, sleep with your teeth.

Water jets in Dhaka, water jets in Chittagong, Jajjat in Rajshahi, Khulna jalajat. This must be the media’s creation.

Only one-third of the city of Dhaka has a water system. There is no two-thirds area. And whoever is called Storm Suarez, water is pumped out of the dam in the river beyond the dam. If there is more rainfall, then the water will become zombie. Because the maximum rainfall is never designed. But now our capacity, if it gets more than 30 millimeters of rain, will get water on the street. Two The discharges we have are also filled with polythene-dirt. Apart from this, we were traditionally dependent on natural evacuation. Rainwater was used to swimming on the ground floor. There are no open spaces now. Rainwater gets the place in the pond-pond-dive before the water. We have filled them. Our developers have filled up the flood or rainwater deposited in and around Dhaka, which was in low lying places, which were banned in the law. Even Rajuk was filled up. And the canals for our evacuation, too many of them have been occupied, have become filled.

If there is a record rainfall, then any city can get water logging. However, it does not take more than an hour to get the water down. And there is no reason to be wandering in the normal rain if the system works. Our system is not working. Northern Mayor Anisul Haque said WASA is the responsibility of Paniniiskasan. Where did the canals?

The authorities of the four authorities in charge of the panecycling of Dhaka. 1. Dhaka WASA 2. Water Development Board 3. Rajuk 4. City Corporation. The city corporation’s responsibility for small sewage Pushing the house, protect God. The lack of coordination is causing us many problems. We will make a local government by voting so that we can catch them. But who will hold RAJUK, WASA, PUBO?

And there are immediate projects to be taken. For example. A new road was built to break the Rangas building. The flyover was also there to take over the railway. That road benefited, or was it bad? You can not come from Tejgaon to the Bijay Sarani, because of traffic congestion. On the other hand, it was three roads in the middle, and now it has four road junctions. As a result, traffic congestion in front of the Prime Minister’s Office remains. So the flyover was not needed to finish the cross? Another flyover has been brought from Magbazar to Hatirjheel, in front of Hotel Sonargaon. As a result, traffic congestion increased from Farmgate to Sonargaon.

If we sit to a map of the Dhaka city, then many of these flyovers will have to be dismantled. Northern Mayor Anisul Haque said exactly that he should not be responsible for waterlogging. He can also say that he is not responsible for traffic congestion. But in this context, two things can be said. Firstly, to coordinate the whole arrangement, a high powered coordinator body is needed. Separate flyover here, do not overbridge here, take the appropriate steps with the help of these research and plans. Secondly, Glasses of water or traffic congestion may be the work of many companies, mosquitoes killed but the city corporation’s work. Honorable mayor, put your hand. Let’s kill mosquitoes.

The mosquito kills too much. On television news, an expert said, mosquitoes became tolerant with mosquito drugs. In old medicine, mosquitoes do not die. Two It is also necessary to check whether samples are shown before the purchase is given at the time of supply. And I say, when medicines are sprayed, the medicine is sprayed, or the water is sprayed, it will also be seen. Because a little medicine, in more water, it will lose the effectiveness of the drug.

Not only in Dhaka, or not only in Chittagong but a visionary master plan for urbanization, ecology, communication, water management, drainage, electrification, decentralization of the whole country. And according to that plan, the program will be consistent. We need big airports, efficient sea and river ports, lots of electricity and plenty of electricity, modernization of communication system, the main component of which will be the naval and railways. We need a policy of protection of rivers, canals, natural water tanks, forests, farmland. This needs a great master plan, the task force needed to formulate it. Of course, experts will have a big role. If we compare the matter with a train, then it will be said that the political leadership will play the role of the engine in this great epic. The plan is the rail line. The bogie is the efficient administration. Instead of corruption, good governance will need fuel. Its technology is expert knowledge. And its passengers are the people.

The purpose of any project in our country is immediate popularity, embezzlement of public money, pockets of people, i.e., corruption. We decided for the project, then after reporting its feasibility, ‘yes’ report. I decided to build the bridge; if we do not have a canal, we have another project to cut the canal. Let’s take a quick approach to solving problems. Now it is necessary to have a well-organized environmental friendly visionary master plan.

If the country comes to Chikungunya, the media did not tell it, but it came, even though it came out. Media does not spread to Chikungunya; it only makes people aware of the news. It is better to try to prevent the news from spreading any news without trying to stop the media. When people are trying to kill mosquitoes, we can say that they are clapping, you can be happy, but the problem is not solved.

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