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Why is Sleep Less?

July 14, 2017
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There is no more peace than sleeping in the night after the whole day. The most beneficial sleep to relieve fatigue But many of the few sleepy people have become a problem. As the era is going towards modernity, the more we fall asleep,

sleep disturbance

University of California, Neuroscience and Psychology professor Matt Walker said in 1940 a person sleeps for more than eight hours at night. And now people have an average sleep time of 6.7 to 6.8 hours. That means the sleep time decreased by almost 20 percent.

In an interview with BBC Online, Professor Matt Walker explained some reasons for the decline of sleep. That is:

1. Caffeine and alcohol
The job is busy. Many people drink tea or coffee repeatedly to keep themselves awake. But if we drink them more then our sleep is hampered. Less sleeping is a reason for it.

2. Weather
Using soft mattresses and cooling machines, we want to sleep comfortably. But there are hazards in it. The natural environment is good enough for sleeping. Our nature is similarly made. After sunset the house started to cool down. After rising in the morning, the heat continues to grow. Then it is time to leave the bed.

3. Use of technology
Modern technology is enough to cause sleep disturbances. The LED screen is not only used for home appliances, but also in laptops and mobile phones. Their blue light prevents our melatonin hormone emulsion. This melatonin gives our sleeping signal. As a result sleep decreases.

4. Use of social media
Using social media is not new until late at night. It is seen, many people go to sleep again and go to Facebook. Check e-mail. These are enough to play twelve o’clock sleeping.

5. Reduce sleep for work
Many people abandon sleeping for work. Commonly, world leaders like Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Margaret Thatcher spend less than five hours daily or less for sleeping. Many people think, sleep is less Have to work. But it can happen to the hazard

Waqar says, the reality is that those who sleep for six hours or less, some of them will be harmed. There may be several physical problems while sleeping in less than seven hours a day. Alzheimer’s, cancer, obesity, diabetes, anxiety, frustration, even suicide tendencies are also created due to low sleep.

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