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Nature in Ireland

Great Nature in Ireland

February 26, 2018
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A few months ago, I traveled to Ireland to enjoy the beauty of nature. When I got a UK visa, the application was only for Senjan’s visa. We have selected the place because the beauty of the palace, as well as the natural beauty, is more attractive than any other place in the UK. And we have chosen the time because that was suitable for traveling to Ireland. Without going to the UK, you can go straight to the beautiful little country in Ireland. However, due to our plans, we took two visas. In London, I went to Ireland for a few days. The city of Belfast near the capital of Ireland, Dublin. We spent about three and a half-hour road from Limerick, a small town in Ireland.

Nature in Ireland
Limaris have rain throughout the day without notice, if the mind wants to sink sometimes. Cold air shakes the body like a burst. A part of Limerick has the magnitude of the Atlantic, and the other is the horizontal hills. In the field of sheep farm and samsara nature. Green has no end in the city of Limerick. Tulip garden on the road is one of the attractions of the Irish town.

My Tour in Ireland

One day I went out of lunch and used to see Cliff of Moha. The enormous white mountains stand on the Atlantic, raising the head. Numerous white snails are flying down. Oh, on the hill that I’m flying down and the birds flying down, thinking that I’m dead!

Just what is Cliff of Moha? Ring of Kerry is one of the biggest attractions of Ireland. This is a mountainous road. One side of which is the Atlantic, on the other hand, the plateau. Ring of Kerry initially started from the Gap of Danlora. The Gap of Nano is a large lake between the two mountains. The zodiacal path that followed has moved around the hill. The name of the crooked surname is ‘Ring of Kerry.’

When the ring of Keri’s path was taking us uphill, it seemed like there was such a beautiful place on the earth! There is a strong desire to go from the shore of cold rain and wild yellow flowers. There is a shower along the way and the lake of blue water somewhere next to the black and red hills. Some families are tentatively bar-b-que quired by the fountain. On top of the mountain, it is seen that the whole ring of Keri is only one part.

When I started to descend from the peak of the mountain, I saw the traditional Irish house, behind the hills in the front of the fountain. From that place, the forest begins as well as the road to the wood of the forest. Suddenly, I saw a hazel crossing the street. We have also seen a deer in this way. Unfortunately, we were not able to capture the sweet picture of Deer.

Tourist spot in Ireland

The journey did not end there. Because the rest of the ring of Kerry has been part of the Atlantic. Green Village, the white sheep in the field brought me to another beauty of the circle of care. There is a narrow lane on the hill, a considerable canopy next to the blue sea. Going to some extent, the white house on the green hills, and the face of the house towards the sea. The hill is not so large to climb and cross it. The time is approximate grabbing a cup of coffee.

How to Go to Belfast in London

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