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Khagrachari Tour: My Travel Story

February 26, 2018
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Is the driver not the mountain or the plane? ‘I looked at myself,’ the plane. ‘

Bundhroban Chakma, the Bandarban representative of the first light from the phone, said, ‘Will you drive yourself to Chimbuk-Nilgiri?’


Trying to reassure ‘Khagrachari’s experience.’

‘Still… These are more steep mountains. ‘Burdojojati Chakma is still in danger.

Talking to him from Rangamati on December 31 afternoon. Recently, Rangamati can be reached from Kaptai. Suddenly, I will go Bandarban on the first day of the year. From there the next day Chimbuk and Nilgiri. With family After encouraging their enthusiasm more. Bandarban tour is final.

Khagrachari Tour Plan

On December 31, I left for the last day of the year from Chittagong. Rauzan, Kaptai by Rangunia. It was already known that WASA work was going on, the road to Rangunia was broken. But what was heard was found on the road is much better than that. Ambassador of Rangunia Abbas Hussain Aftab joined us. On the way to Kaptai, Sheikh Russell of Avatars and Ecopark of Rangunia spoke about the visit. We stopped Beautiful lake, a big cage of birds in the spots of the mountain But the principal attraction of this park is that the cable car is now closed. The cable car pillars damaged in the hills. Some birds, including peacock, were seen in the cage, the mind was not entirely filled.

Kaptai Lake Kayaking

kaptai lake

Chutla kapatai way. Kids are kayaking with excited. Abbas said, ‘Do not do kayaking in the Karnafuli river in Kaptai lake.’ I do not know swimming, but why the lake to stay in the river? I decided to get into the river. Apart from Rangunia, mountainous roads, big trees on either side We stopped straight into Kayak Club.

The Karnafuli river flows here three directions. Far away hydropower project And tea garden at the top of Kayak Club. Fiber made this boat on two sets. Sitting in the beginning. Life Jacket has been wearing on the shirt. Let’s take it with you. It was a bit of a distance, it was found at the time of return. It is challenging to sit in the opposite direction. Softening of cold weather Then noon The hunger is giving good advice. Floating paradise near It’s really like heaven. The Karnafuli river, tea garden are all enjoyable by the table of the food table. Food? That too. It is not possible to forget the potato.

Kaptai to Rangamati A great road. On one side there are different mountains on the other side of Kaptai lake. High-low slope, zigzag route Two restaurants were found in this way. Kayaking, boating facilities are also available.

When I reached the tourist resort of Rangamati, the last afternoon. Keeping the bagtag at the nearest hanging bridge. ‘Thirty First Night’ – So the members of law enforcers are active. Outside in the evening, is not out of the box. The dinner is at City Iris Restaurant. Because, here’s the mountain food.

Bandarban crossed the ferry of Chandraghona via Kaptai from Rangamati This is the trip to Jan 1. Sometimes flat, sometimes mountain, sometimes slope Bandarban by evening. Well, let’s see the blue screen. Actually, there is a trial before the Nilgiri. The entire Bandarban city is seen from Nilachal. Bandarban was seen very bright in the evening. There is absolutely no arrangement for banquet or banquet tournaments. If you want to spend a night in the cottage. Local people have many shops here. There are different rice papaya cakes, as well as the result of zum cultivation.

Way to Nilgiri Bandarban

nilgiri bandarban

On the morning of January 2, I went to Chimbuk-Nilgiri. If there is a problem with driving a car, then there is a need to keep it awful. Bandarban was preceded by the year before. Then rainy season Mountain green velvet. What will be beautiful in the winter?

The beauty of the mountain was reached to reach the Milanchhari. ‘I am at Milanchari’, the river flowing down to look away through a large frame of wood. The color of the mountain is now blue. The white clouds float. There is no sunshine in it; there is an untimely atmosphere.

Chimbook before Nilgiri. Precise break In this, risky, high-risk bends, sloping, heavy road. The pictures of the mountain are changing after a while. Nilgiri is higher than Chimbuk. Looking away, the road was steep. Somewhere, there seems to be a cloud on the tree.

At the end of the road Nilgiri. Just cover the clouds. Closer clouds are near. 30 feet distance is also seen from the eyesight. When the canteen is eating lunch in the package, clouds over the window.

Sunlight was found during the return. The head of the blue hill is white, green in the valley, and one hill house is taken to the fairyland state. Think of how many songs multiply.

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