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Top 10 Natural Beautiful Tourists Spots in Bangladesh

March 19, 2018
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Bangladesh is a place of natural beauty. Though it is a small country, it has a wide variety of natural charming places to visit. In this country, people having various culture lives here. So the variety is also enjoyable too. Geographically, the country is bordered by India and Myanmar. The Bay of Bengal washes its southern areas. Large and small green hills covering with evergreen color located at Chittagong, Sylhet region gives another natural variation. The most surprising matter is that more than 700 rivers have flown over Bangladesh. These rivers add awesome nature and weather to its beautiful body.

If you want to enjoy the gift of God in nature, you should visit the most beautiful places in Bangladesh. Here I make a short list of the best natural beauties in Bangladesh. Let’s check them out.

1. Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach:          inani Beach cox'sbazar

Cox’s Bazar is the longest sea beach in Bangladesh as well as in the World. The weather of this sea beach will refresh and recharge you with tons of energy. Inani beach, a small part of Cox’s Bazar sea beach, is the main attraction of tourists gorgeously famous for golden sands. There is a marine drive also. Besides these, there is much architectural heritage you can enjoy at Cox’s Bazar.

2. Kuakata Sea Beach:

Kuakata sea beach                   This is the second destination for tourists in Bangladesh. Kuakata sea beach is well known for the opportunity of an unobstructed view of the scenario of the sunrise and sunset over the Bay of Bengal. You can enjoy the jhaubon and gangamati reserved forest while visiting Kuakata. Jhaubon is a fantastic place for arranging picnic at the beach.

3. Saint Martin Island:

saint martin island bangladesh                  Saint Martin Island located in the south-east region of Bangladesh. Your Cox’s Bazar tour is incomplete without visiting Saint Martin Island. The island is very small but full of enjoyable things. This island is well-known for coconuts. You can enjoy fishing sea-creatures, coral stone, and a quiet shaking beauty.

4. Rangamati:

Kaptai rangamati bangladesh. jpgRangamati is mostly visited by Kaptai Lake, Kaptai national park, Shuvlong The hanging bridge on Kaptai Lake is an attractive place for tourists. The famous restaurant ‘Peda ting ting’ located on Kaptai Lake. This is memorable for its sweet location and taste of tribal foods. It is a place of holiday destination because of its scenic beauty and colorful tribal life. Rangamati tour should include your Cox’s Bazar or Chittagong tour.

5. Sundarban, the Largest Mangrove Forest:

Sundarban forestSundarban, the largest mangrove forest in the world and a UNESCO world heritage site.  The Royal Bengal Tigers live here. For this reason, sundarban becomes one of the popular tourist’s spots in Bangladesh. This mangrove forest has its own unique ecosystem and develops such a holt in it that can impress you. The creatures of Sundarban like different deer, birds and water animals really are very impressive.

6. Srimangal:

srimangal            The high lands of Srimangal are well known for its wavy tea gardens. Enormous hills are covered with tea trees gives a wonderful scenario to its environment. You may get pleasure by cycling through the small path of the tea garden. The amazing ‘Hamham Waterfall’ can wonder you. ‘The lauacharha National Park’ is one of the beautiful natural eco-park.

7. Bichanakandi:

Bichanakandi sylhetBichanakandi has become a tourist spot in recent days. It is located at India-Bangladesh border in Sylhet district. It is increasingly popular for its stony river, cloudy dark mountains, and greenish nature. Tourists have found their enjoyment, especially in rainy season when the river has its clear flow over the thousands of stones. Winter is inappropriate for visiting Bichankandi. In this time, there is stone collecting and mining continues.

8. Jaflong:

Jaflong sylhet
Jaflong has become one of the most attractive tourist’s spots in Bangladesh. Jaflong located at Gowainghat, Sylhet near Bangladesh-India (Meghalaya) border. Your tour will complete with Lalakhal Lalakhal has its beauty with greenish-blue water. The Mari river of Jaflong brings the beauty of nature. Stones from the Himalayas flow over her. The collection of a rolling stone in Mari river gives a charming scenario. It is a green hilly area having pleasures of natural beauty in the lap of the Mountain Khasia.

9. Madhabkunda Waterfall:

Madhabkunda waterfall is the largest waterfall in Bangladesh. It is located at Maulavibazar, Sylhet. It’s main attraction is falling of water from 200 ft (61m) height from a dark green mountain. The charming eco attracts everyone. There is a beautiful Eco park around the waterfall.

10. Ratargul Swamp Forest:

Ratargul swamp forestRatargul swamp forest, you can call it as “Desi Amazon”, located at Gowainghat, Sylhet. A forest is a place of attraction for its natural ecosystem. The tour of Ratargul can give you the taste of visiting the Sundarban. But the water is not salty like Sundarban. The attraction of this forest is the zigzag trees inside the forest floating over the water. You can hire a wooden boat and travel inside the forest to make your memories evergreen with green trees and water.

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