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Godaddy The Best Web Hosting Provider

GoDaddy Web Hosting – The Best Web Hosting Platform

March 20, 2018
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Introduction to GoDaddy Web Hosting

GoDaddy has been in the business for quite some time now. Some only consider it to be a domain name provider, but it is actually much more. It can also be considered as a web hosting provider and cannot be overlooked. When you establish a small business, you will definitely need a business website, web hosting, domain name, SSL certificate and site building tools.

GoDaddy brings all these features into one place and makes building a website much easier. Even if you are a non-technical business owner, understanding the features GoDaddy offers is very simple and easy, then other web hosting providers out there.

GoDaddy offers a variety of packages or plans to build the perfect website for your business. This plans are both affordable and have important features that are necessary and help create a high-quality website for your business, service or product. GoDaddy also comes with features or options that help you to keep your website up to date as your business grows.

Who is the customer GoDaddy web hosting designed for?

GoDaddy web hosting is designed for both small and large scale businesses, who are willing to set up a full-fledged online store, which they can use to sell products at wholesale or retail. The features GoDaddy provides for online stores let you manage inventory and also allows you to process payments made to you by clients. Through an online store, you can easily maximize sales, save some money with unlimited bandwidth and free hosting service and also make it easier for your clients to reach you whenever needed. All this can be done for a free trial of 1 month, which is absolutely risk-free.

Important Feature 1: Website Builder

The website builder feature of GoDaddy is one of the most important features of the website. The feature allows you to build a website within an hour. Yes, you’ve heard that right. A full-fledged running website for your small or large scale business can be made without any extra hassle or waste of time. Your website will have industry standard foolproof style, swipe-to style interface, mix and match sections, professional imagery and much more.

Your website will feature high-quality images or pictures, provided by Getty Images. Each and every part of your website can be mix and matched and customized to make it look unique. Don’t be stuck with a boring website template that is restricted when it comes to customizing. The website builder is just the perfect feature to make a reliable online store.

Important Feature 2: Customer can create an online store easily

Setting up an online store is a piece of cake with GoDaddy’s Online Store feature. It is specifically designed for businesses that want to sell their products online. You can create a website that has a responsive design and is also mobile-friendly. Your online store will have complete SSL security. Your clients will easily be able to make payments through PayPal as GoDaddy online store feature has PayPal integration option. Your online store website will also be SEO friendly as we will help you rank it in the most renowned search engines. We will even help you find relevant tags and page titles automatically.

Built-in features will also allow you to track and recover abandoned shopping carts and manage your online stores overall inventory and orders. You will have 24/7 full customer support from GoDaddy during the whole process.

Important Feature 3: Customer can get a .com domain only at $0.99

Getting a .com domain for your business is much easier when you use GoDaddy. You can get your very own .com domain, that too for just $0.99. The offer can be easily availed by using the coupon code. To enjoy the coupon, feel free to visit the main website from the banner I’ve provided for you below. So get your .com domain now through GoDaddy using this amazing offer.

Important Feature 4: One month free trial of building an online store and Website Builder

If you have any doubts about the features and services provided by Go Daddy, you can easily go for a 1 month free trial of our Online Store and Website Builder services.  You will require no credit to avail this 1-month free trial and cancel the free trial whenever you want. This is a limited time trial offer, so grab it as soon as you can.

Important Feature 5: Review of every pricing plan

GoDaddy has pricing plans that are within your budget and make building a website simple, easy and hassle-free. GoDaddy has 3 pricing plans for both Windows and Linux based web hosting, Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate.

Economy:  This is a plan for those who want to make a basic website for their small or large business. At just $2.99, it is both affordable and has a user-friendly interface. You get 100GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth for your website. A Microsoft 365 Office email suite will be provided for free with the plan.

Deluxe:  This is a flexible plan for those who want more space and want to host for multiple websites. You will get both features for an affordable price of $4.99. Unlimited websites can be hosted and bandwidth is 100% unmetered.

Ultimate:  This is the plan you are looking for when you want to maintain a website with heavy traffic and complex interface. The plan is still a steal at $7.99. Like the deluxe package, you will be provided with unlimited storage and bandwidth and will be able to provide hosting for multiple websites. But the difference is added security for sensitive data on your websites.


  • GoDaddy has world-class security
  • You can integrate your products with ease when using GoDaddy web hosting.
  • GoDaddy has little to zero downtime.
  • GoDaddy has the cheapest web hosting plans in the world.


  • Though the deluxe plan says that you can host multiple websites, it is only limited to 25 websites.
  • The GoDaddy control panel is very custom and takes some time to get used to when you are used to using CPanel or Fantastico web hosting control panel.


Frequently Asked Question

Can an already existing website be transferred to GoDaddy Web Hosting?

Yes, it can be done and is a very simple process. If you have access to the main files of your existing website, they can be uploaded to the GoDaddy Web Hosting platform using the GoDaddy Hosting control center or via any 3rd party FTP client. You can easily get a copy of your website from the current hosting provider you have.

How easy is setting up a GoDaddy Hosting plan?

Setting up a GoDaddy hosting plan is fairly simple and is a 4-step easy process. The whole process takes a couple of minutes.

What type of websites can be hosted by GoDaddy?

A website you have built using the latest HTML coding method or one you have built using GoDaddy’s Website Building feature can be hosted on the GoDaddy web hosting platform.

Can multiple websites and domain names be hosted on GoDaddy?

Yes, this is one of GoDaddy’s most renowned features. Multiple websites can be hosted with different domain names, using the deluxe plan provided by GoDaddy. The domains can also be moved from one plan to another or to a completely different hosting provider using the Hosting Control Panel provided by GoDaddy.

Final Verdict

If you are in urgent need of a web hosting service that is branded, well-supported and cheap then GoDaddy is the best web hosting provider for you. The GoDaddy Web hosting service integrates well with most domain names and has solid and detailed documentation.

Most web hosting providers out there have expensive plans or packages that tend to make a hole in your wallet. GoDaddy’s plans are affordable and are also worth every money you spent. The plans are well-designed and offer options for hosting multiple websites. Go for it now, if you are thinking of switching your current web host and want a reliable one that won’t rob you of your money.

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