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acne causes and treatment

Acne: Cause and Treatment

February 9, 2019

Does your face become full of Acne? Red, red, grainy, some are a little big!! Feeling irritated with these curse of face???

Looked at the mirror, it is upset. The acne of a teenager-young age is a big concern.

acne causes and treatment

Acnes have become one of the major skin problems. Teenagers are affected more than older. It has a very bad impact on a teenager’s soft mind. They remain anxious and tensed to find out a solution to this problem.

We can solve this if we know the exact cause and reason for developing acne.

Causes of Acne

Hormones are more likely to cause acne at this age. It is more of the boys at this time because male hormone endocrines are responsible for this acne. Occasionally acne can occur if there is an excess of androgens among women. Some diseases increase acne attack. For example, women may have acne due to the use of polycystic ovarian syndrome, Cushing syndrome, the use of steroid-based drugs, some cosmetics. The family has a more acne history than anyone else.

In most cases, there is nothing to worry about teenage acne. It just goes away. But sometimes the problem becomes a little more pronounced, big grains, inside the puff, pain, and the mental turmoil arises. Find out what to do with the acne problem.

What to Do to Remove Acne?

  • The first thing is, do not worry unnecessarily with acne. This is the usual event. If it is time, then it will save. Stress and stress can increase acne, so stay tuned.
  • Keep the face clean. That does not mean that you have to face to face repeatedly. Rather it can be reversed in the opposite direction. If your skin is oily, try to wash your face with normal water.

Drink enough water daily. It will help to keep your skin refreshed and oil free. Fresh fruits and vegetables are good for healthy skin. Eat at least one seasonal fruits every day.

  • Do not knead the acne with the nails; do not try to pull the pus or the juice manually. Do not push with a pin. It may cause permanent spots to fall. There are also fears of infection.
  • Hot vapors or vapors have not been proven to be of any benefit. Do not apply vapor on your face.
  • There is no evidence that acne increases due to fracture. But high-sugar foods (such as sweet, chocolate, etc.) increase the incidence of acne. Avoid sugar-containing foods and artificially sweetened foods. Fatty and oily foods must be avoided. Cooked and boiled foods are better than fried one.
  • If the problem is not severe then some creams can be used at the doctor’s advice. If the problem is too severe, mouth-eating medicine (some antibiotics, vitamin A ‘) is given to eat. But remember, these medicines can never be eaten without expert advice.
  • Laser, Darmola, etc. can be used to remove post-complications such as skin holes, permanent spots etc.

Take care of your skin, be healthy and happy. Have a glowing face with smile.

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