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“Tax will Not Increase” said Fi...

Feb 09, 2019No Comments

Finance Minister Ahm Mostafa Kamal said that the tax rate will not increase further, but through which there is a revenue earning of four lakh

acne causes and treatment

Acne: Cause and Treatment

Feb 09, 2019No Comments

Does your face become full of Acne? Red, red, grainy, some are a little big!! Feeling irritated with these curse of face??? Looked at the

Godaddy The Best Web Hosting Provider

GoDaddy Web Hosting – The Best Web Hostin...

Mar 20, 2018Comments off

Introduction to GoDaddy Web Hosting GoDaddy has been in the business for quite some time now. Some only consider it to be a domain name

inani Beach cox'sbazar

Top 10 Natural Beautiful Tourists Spots in ...

Mar 19, 2018Comments off

Bangladesh is a place of natural beauty. Though it is a small country, it has a wide variety of natural charming places to visit. In

Nature in Ireland

Great Nature in Ireland

Feb 26, 2018Comments off

A few months ago, I traveled to Ireland to enjoy the beauty of nature. When I got a UK visa, the application was only for

Halong Bay

Travel to Halong Bay

Feb 26, 2018Comments off

Without a visit to Halong Bay, Vietnam’s tour is much like the Hamlet stage apart from Denmark’s prince. Halong Bay in the Kuang Nin Province


Khagrachari Tour: My Travel Story

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Is the driver not the mountain or the plane? ‘I looked at myself,’ the plane. ‘ Bundhroban Chakma, the Bandarban representative of the first light

best travel tips tricks and advice

Best Travel Tips Tricks and Advice

Jan 29, 2018Comments off

In the winter season, traveling is a typical scenario among the tourist. Now in the different corner of the world winter season is running. So,

Media Technology is growing fast

Prevention of Chikungunya: Social Media to ...

Jul 14, 2017Comments off

There is only one way to eradicate chikungunya or malaria or dengue disease. We need to identify those viruses which are responsible for these diseases. After

music therapy

Musical Therapies Can Amazingly Increase Br...

Jul 14, 2017Comments off

If you think too much about something, one kind of stress is created. Due to lack of adequate rest, sleep deprivation, anxiety, emotional distress and