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Impeacement Offer Against Trump!

Jul 14, 2017Comments off

A Congressional member of the country has submitted the first proposal of Impeachment against US President Donald Trump. Earlier, AFP reported allegations against him and

India Prohibits the Sale of animals (cow) f...

Jul 13, 2017Comments off

For the sake of the sale of meat, central government’s ban on livestock procurement has been postponed. The Supreme Court of India gave the order

Kremlin behind Russian lawyer and Trump-Son...

Jul 12, 2017Comments off

The information about Hillary Clinton that the Russian lawyer  had given to the son of Donald Trump, was behind him. It was part of the efforts

11 Bangladeshi and Indian killed in Saudi A...

Jul 12, 2017Comments off

11 migrant workers died in smoke in smoke in a house without windows in Saudi Arabia. Authorities said the victims were residents of Bangladesh and

7 killed in Hindu Pilgrims Bus Attack in Ka...

Jul 12, 2017Comments off

In the Indian-controlled Kashmir, on Friday night, 7 people were killed and around 20 were injured in a terror attack on Hindu pilgrims. High alert