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Bangladesh Bank Achieved Greate Offers

Bangladesh Bank Received 75 Offers For 35 C...

Jul 14, 2017Comments off

Bangladesh Bank received 75 projects worth 35.29 crores US dollars from the export-oriented companies to get long-term financial benefits from the World Bank’s Financial Sector Support Project (FSSP) An official representative of the Bangladesh Bank said

donald trump

Impeacement Offer Against Trump!

Jul 14, 2017Comments off

A Congressional member of the country has submitted the first proposal of Impeachment against US President Donald Trump. Earlier, AFP reported allegations against him and intervening in the trial process. But this is the first to


Distribution of Relief Among Flood Victims ...

Jul 14, 2017Comments off

Disaster Management and Relief Minister Mofazzal Hossain Chowdhury Maya distributed relief among more than 500 families in the presence of the upazila administration organized by the Upazila administration in flood-affected by floods and river erosion in

sheikh hasina

Sheikh Hasina and Sirisena Agree to Open Tr...

Jul 14, 2017Comments off

Bangladesh and Sri Lanka agreed to enter into a free trade agreement within this year. After formal talks between Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh, the two countries reached the

sonali bank

Corporate News: The meeting of representat...

Jul 14, 2017Comments off

  The special board meeting of the representatives of Bangladesh Bank with Sonali Bank Limited Board of Directors was held on Wednesday. In the meeting, the Board of Directors of the Sonali Bank and the management


Banglalink Will Invest 8 thousand Crores

Jul 14, 2017Comments off

Mobile phone operator Banglalink wants to invest 1 billion US dollars or 8 billion crores in the telecommunications sector in the next three years. According to Voon CEO (CEO) John Yves Surrey, the main investor of


Hollywood is Stuck in the Primitive Era!

Jul 14, 2017Comments off

Filmmakers in the Hollywood film or they still behave like Guhmanab. Large production companies are still stuck in the primitive era. Oscar winner actress Charlize Theron Shirley has made this statement in recent words about the


Porimoni Will Not Tell the Hero’s Nam...

Jul 14, 2017Comments off

Porimoni, who had filled the mind with the story of Apurva Rana from Ekberat Pachshchari. So the director agreed to act in one of the words. His words, there is a matter of the name of


Three Beauty’s Fight!

Jul 14, 2017Comments off

This time, three Bollywood beauties have competed in the same competition. Let’s see who wins these three beauties. The 2007 super hit movie ‘Namaste London’ is going to be ‘Namastey England’. Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif


Zaheer’s Surprise in World Youth Athl...

Jul 14, 2017Comments off

Zaheer Raihan said before leaving Dhaka – “I want to get to the semifinals with the best ‘. He has spoken to world youth athletics in Kenya. Today, the 17-year-old athlete has reached the semifinals of