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If Tamim Complain, BCB will Take Action

Jul 14, 2017Comments off

Tamim Iqbal, who left the county side Essex and suddenly returned to the country, is very much in the country’s cricket. Only Bangladesh, why are discussions in the world of cricket The wife Ayesha Siddika is

Controversy in Rajbari district BNP: The N...

Jul 14, 2017Comments off

  Three days after the announcement of the BNP’s full-fledged committee, a press conference was held in the district and a committee was formed. The press conference was held at the BNP’s BNP office on Thursday

Trench Collapses in Oil Tank in Kirtankhola

Jul 14, 2017Comments off

In the Kirtankhola River in Barisal, the cement-producing raw material with a fuel oil tanker has been confronted by the cargo. The accident happened at Charakoya point of Kirtankhola river around 7:30 am on Friday. The

Why is Sleep Less?

Jul 14, 2017Comments off

There is no more peace than sleeping in the night after the whole day. The most beneficial sleep to relieve fatigue But many of the few sleepy people have become a problem. As the era is

BRAC is Taking Women’s Management Tra...

Jul 14, 2017Comments off

In order to increase the involvement of women in the workplace and to develop skilled women’s empowerment, BRAC has been appointing women management trainee for the first time in its management training program. The job declaration


Oh Rain

Jul 13, 2017Comments off

Ashar came again. There is a lot of showers falling all day. Well, it comes to monastery in Cinepara, how is it shooting? Rain is a blessing for anyone? Curse for anyone? There are many events


Rumors have Increased by 31% in a Month, th...

Jul 13, 2017Comments off

Keya Cosmetics, a subsidiary of Keya Group, listed in the stock, rose by 31 percent or 4 rupees by 30 paise a month. On June 13, the share price of the company was 13 Taka 90

tamim iqbal

Tamim’s Agent Said the Incident was T...

Jul 13, 2017Comments off

Why did Tamim Iqbal come from England? Several cricketers of the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCCI) told the incident on condition of not disclosing the name of the director. Tamim, who again denies that himself His agent

gouri khan

Now Gauri is Decorating the House of a Hero...

Jul 13, 2017Comments off

Gauri Khan is now going to decorate the house of another single Bollywood hero. Before that, Shahrukh’s wife Gauri had arranged the house of Ranbir Kapoor in his own hand. Bollywood’s first lady has taken charge


Parineeti took the Place of “Katrina&...

Jul 13, 2017Comments off

Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif, who starred in the 2007 film ‘Namaste London’ This sequel is being made. The name of the sequel is named ‘Nameste England’. But Katrina Kaif and Akshay Kumar will not be